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Embracing a confident smile is natural, yet genetics, habits, and dental issues can hinder it. Our skilled implant dentist, Dr. David Blanchard, understands the hesitations of addressing tooth loss. At Riverside Family Dental, we introduce dental smile design technology in Menomonee Falls, WI, allowing patients to engage in implant planning actively. Visualizing the transformation through smile design dentistry instills the confidence needed to pursue solutions like complete smile makeovers and full mouth dental implants , ensuring the realization of your dream smile.

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What is Smile Design Dentistry?

While Dr. Blanchard can explain procedures and offer sample cases, he acknowledges the challenge of envisioning your future teeth. This digital dental technology eliminates uncertainty by enabling precise visualization. The software facilitates personalized adjustments to each tooth’s position, shape, and size, ensuring an ideal appearance and fit before any physical treatment. This digital smile design preview is effortlessly modifiable, enabling easy comparison of various treatment options and their impact on your smile’s aesthetics.

Tailored Procedures with Smile Design

Rejecting the idea of a one-size-fits-all approach, Riverside Family Dental thrives on tailoring every aspect of the procedure to your specific requirements. During your initial consultation, Dr. Blanchard thoroughly discusses your smile objectives and the entire full mouth dental implant process . The smile design simulation initiates with the capture of 3D photos and videos that portray your mouth both at rest and in motion.

These inputs are then fed into the design software, meticulously analyzing the individual characteristics of your teeth, gumline, and overall dental alignment. Should you consider the restoration of one or both dental arches, the smile design experience in Menomonee Falls, WI, simplifies the selection process for the perfect color, shape, size, and shade of teeth, seamlessly harmonizing with your facial features and skin tone.

The Smile Design Advantage

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Preview Your Brand-New Smile Today!

Smile design technology allows Menomonee Falls, WI, patients to view their end results before treatment even begins, so you can completely customize every detail.

Crafting Health, Aesthetics, and Confidence

At Riverside Family Dental, our passion lies in aiding patients to reclaim their dental functionality, overall well-being, smile beauty, and self-assurance. If the fear of smiling and the repercussions of tooth loss have been challenges, there’s no longer a need to endure them. Dr. Blanchard leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance his expertise, elevate efficiency and accuracy, and achieve exceptional results at our warm, patient-centered implant center where comfort and quality converge.

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