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A Tailored Procedure to Reclaim Your Smile

“My Face and Mouth Experienced Major Trauma…” | Mike’s Story

Mike's Story

Dental Expertise Meets Smile Renewal

Navigating the challenges of deteriorating dental health can be daunting and disheartening. The presence of missing or severely damaged teeth can impede your ability to bite, chew, and enjoy a variety of foods, leaving you in persistent discomfort. Beyond the physical impacts, dental issues can affect your speech, social interactions, and professional endeavors. This may lead to concealing your smile and avoiding photos, plagued by self-consciousness about your dental appearance.

You deserve a complete set of resilient, attractive teeth. Dental implants offer a chance to embrace life with the assurance and confidence of a fully functional smile. With Dr. David Blanchard, an accomplished implant dentist, you can anticipate the expertise needed to restore your smile with dental implants in Menomonee Falls, WI. At Riverside Family Dental, you’ll find compassionate, nonjudgmental care, setting the stage for an improved quality of life with the smile you’ve envisioned.

What to Expect with Dental Implants


Consultations and Conversations

Your dental implant treatment starts with a straightforward conversation. During your consultation, our primary objective is to delve into how your teeth impact your life and how dental implants can elevate your well-being. A comprehensive examination will be conducted, and diagnostic images such as advanced Cone Beam CT scans and digital X-rays will be obtained. These images are the cornerstone for precisely strategizing your dental implant procedure, ensuring optimal outcomes.

This visual insight also aids in determining the suitability of dental implants for your case, pinpointing the most fitting approach for your procedure, and assessing the potential need for additional treatments, including bone grafting . Ensuring your confidence in the dental implant procedure is rooted in clearly understanding our recommendations and anticipating what each treatment phase entails. We're dedicated to thoroughly explaining your treatment choices, empowering you to make the ideal decision in alignment with your requirements, lifestyle, and financial considerations.


The Dental Implant Procedure

Your dental implant procedure is executed with meticulous precision, prioritizing both optimal outcomes and your comfort throughout. The procedure begins with administering your selected sedation , ensuring a comfortable experience. Dr. Blanchard meticulously follows our surgical guide, adhering to your treatment plan and placing 4-6 dental implants in predetermined positions within your jawbone.

As the dental implants integrate, abutments are affixed to each dental implant, accompanied by a temporary restoration, allowing you to enjoy your rejuvenated smile immediately! Leveraging cutting-edge techniques and surgical technology , we emphasize precision and minimal invasiveness to ensure efficient and precise implant placement.


Strong Beginnings and Lasting Results

The exceptional durability and stability of dental implants originate from a robust foundation. Over the next 4-6 months, the implant posts will gradually fuse with the jawbone tissue through a process known as osseointegration. Successful osseointegration is pivotal for a favorable dental implant outcome. After the implants fuse with your jawbone, we place the final restoration!

Crafted with consideration for your facial features, skin tone, and personal smile aspirations, the final restoration is meticulously designed. Employing cutting-edge techniques and technology, we sculpt and shape a flawless smile that enhances your appearance and offers functional benefits. Once your final prosthesis is ready, we replace the temporary teeth with your tailor-made final prostheses, presenting you with a lasting smile you can enjoy for decades.

The Riverside Family Dental Advantage

At Riverside Family Dental, we showcase state-of-the-art technology complemented by a diverse range of treatment options and guiding principles that set us apart. Our core focus is ensuring comfort, upholding safety standards, and delivering affordable dental implant solutions. Our unremitting commitment guarantees that your visit will lead to a customized solution. Dr. Blanchard’s mental health and addiction background enriches his interactions with patients and staff, offering a unique level of empathy and rapport. His individuality and perspective create an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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