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"Transforming Smiles: The Amazing Benefits of Embracing Modern Dental Technology!"

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Precision Artistry for Lasting Smiles

At Riverside Family Dental, we offer a fully digital experience to ensure your utmost comfort, coupled with the advantage of housing our state-of-the-art full-mouth dental implant laboratory. Dr. David Blanchard, a proficient dentist, brings a wealth of expertise in restorative and reconstructive procedures. His approach to restorative dentistry is artistic, leveraging advanced technology and years of training to create captivating smiles tailored to each patient’s smile needs and preferences.

Situated in Menomonee Falls, WI, our in-house dental laboratory further elevates Dr. Blanchard’s capabilities in conceptualizing and crafting tooth replacement solutions of unparalleled quality. Whether the need is for crowns, bridges, dentures, implant-supported dentures, or comprehensive full-mouth dental implants, our dental lab is dedicated to delivering exceptional smiles all under one roof!

Benefits of Our In-House Dental Lab

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Advanced Technology for Personalized Smiles


Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Our CBCT scanner evaluates your underlying bone structure, nerve pathways, sinuses, and surrounding soft tissues. This technology is essential for planning and customizing tooth replacement solutions because it provides a more in-depth and complete picture than digital X-rays. During a CBCT scan, the imaging machine rotates entirely around your head and captures about 150-200 images from different angles in less than a minute. These are compiled into a single 3D image to personalize precise procedures and accurately guide minimally invasive dental implant placement—for successful outcomes and faster, easier recovery.


3D Printer

3D printing utilizes an additive technique, layering materials to form intricate curves, holes, and minute shapes effortlessly. This approach enables the simultaneous printing of multiple components, minimizing waste. In contrast to many implant centers that outsource physical models to external dental labs, Dr. Blanchard actively engages in all restoration stages. At Riverside Family Dental, our 3D printer takes center stage in our dental lab, crafting drill guides for dental implants—, generating tangible models, and producing temporary restorations.


Smile Preview Technology

Smile design in dentistry Smile design in dentistry entails innovative digital technology that previews your potential smile transformation. This flexible digital mockup allows easy adjustments to visualize various treatment choices and their impact on your teeth, overall smile aesthetics, and facial features. Through this advancement in our full mouth dental implant lab, you become an engaged collaborator in shaping and achieving the smile you've always envisioned.


Chrome Guided Surgery

Chrome guides are advanced tools utilized in guided dental implant surgery. These precision-engineered guides are created using durable chrome cobalt material, ensuring exceptional accuracy during the implant placement process. By fitting snugly over the patient's teeth or edentulous area, chrome guides offer unparalleled stability, guiding the implant placement with utmost precision. This technology enhances the predictability of the surgery, leading to optimal outcomes and reduced procedural complexities.


Diode Lasers

Diode lasers represent a cutting-edge tool employed in dentistry for surface debridement and soft tissue surgery. With their focused and precise energy, diode lasers efficiently remove debris and contaminants from surfaces, promoting optimal cleanliness. Their wavelength is adept at interacting with soft tissues, allowing for minimally invasive and controlled procedures. These lasers enable accurate tissue sculpting, minimizing bleeding and discomfort while fostering rapid healing, making them versatile in modern dental practices.


Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera is a valuable asset at Riverside Family Dental, offering enhanced diagnostic capabilities. This compact and high-resolution camera provides a detailed view of the oral cavity's interior, aiding in identifying potential issues. By projecting real-time images onto a screen, patients better understand their oral health, facilitating informed discussions and treatment decisions. This technology improves patient engagement and assists our dental team in delivering precise and personalized care.



Nsequence is an innovative digital solution that revolutionizes treatment planning in dentistry. This advanced software integrates 3D imaging, data analysis, and predictive algorithms to create comprehensive treatment plans for dental procedures. By analyzing patient data, including radiographs and scans, Nsequence enhances accuracy in implant placement and other procedures, leading to more predictable outcomes. This technology empowers Dr. Blanchard with a powerful tool to optimize treatment strategies and deliver exceptional patient care.

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