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Welcome to Riverside Family Dental, where compassionate care takes center stage. Anticipate a heartfelt welcome, attentive listening, and a team that genuinely comprehends your needs. Our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology is matched only by our unique treatment options and philosophies, setting us apart in the field. Our unremitting focus is ensuring comfort, prioritizing safety, and providing affordable solutions.

With a profound mental health and addiction background, our dentist, Dr. David Blanchard, brings heightened empathy and profound connections to our patients and staff. He embodies a distinctive personality and mindset, standing in contrast to the ordinary. Public speaking is a platform our dentist Dr. Blanchard embraces fearlessly, allowing him and our patients to discuss these aspects openly within our dental office.

Patient Testimonial

I just had four fillings done and to say I had anxiety about this is an accurate statement I had anxiety leading up to the appointment. I had a restless night of sleep knowing I was going in for the appointment. The drive to the appointment was terrible and sitting in the waiting room I was on the brink of tears.

Now, I admit that this may have been an overreaction. However, in my world these feelings were real and challenging to work through.

Thank you for greeting me with a smile and asking how I was doing. Thank you for accepting the fact that I wasn't excited about the work that was going to be done on my teeth. Thank you for caring about me as a human being when tears were going down my face. Thank you for caring about me and wanting to make sure my bite was on target (which I am still working through but I will give it the two weeks like you recommend). Thank you for talking out-loud while doing the procedure to help put my mind at ease. Thank you for pausing and checking in on me. Thank you for being passionate in your field and wanting to accomplish great work.

Today, you blessed me with your kindness and skills. Thank you for not just doing a job, but being a great person while doing it.
Melinda N.
Patient smiling brightly after their dental treatment standing outside of the dental center

Cultivating Relationships in and Out of Office

We are deeply intertwined with the vibrant Menomonee Falls, WI community, actively engaging through our sponsorship of the annual Harvest Festival and our collaborative efforts with the Village Board to orchestrate enriching communal events. Beyond these partnerships throughout our dental office, we forge meaningful connections with local charitable organizations, including Courage MKE, Hunger Task Force, Boys and Girls Club, Toys for Tots, Halo Dental Network, and the Sunrise Rehabilitation Team. These affiliations embody our dentist’s commitment to fostering positive change and genuinely impacting those around us.

doctor and staff member using dental lab devices for procedure

Elevating Care Through Innovative Technology

At the forefront of our dental office, cutting-edge technology propels our commitment to excellence in care. With tools like our advanced 3D printer, our dentist brings innovation to life, allowing for precise and personalized solutions. Our Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner provides unparalleled insight, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and treatment planning. Chrome guides further elevate our approach, ensuring meticulous implant placement by our dentist.

The Diode Laser affords our dentist, Dr. Blanchard, to perform minimally invasive yet highly effective procedures. Our Intraoral Camera empowers you with visual understanding while NSequence propels our genetic insights for tailored care. With Smile Preview technology here at our dental office, envision the transformation ahead, placing you firmly at the heart of your treatment journey. Our technology isn’t just about advancements – it’s about crafting a unique, informed, and exceptional experience for you.

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